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A Quick Guide to Chanel's Most Popular Handbag Materials

Quilted Calfskin Leather

Quilted calfskin has become one of the most popular types of leather among the Chanel Boy Bags, and despite its smooth appearance, is very durable. There are a plethora of calfskin leathers to choose from, including cracked patent calfskin, aged calfskin, glazed calfskin, and metallic calfskin, just to name a couple.

Goatskin Leather

Withstanding lots of wear and tear, goat hide is one of the strongest and most durable types of leather among luxury handbags, and is often seen in the Chanel Flap 19 Bag. Despite its toughness, goatskin is very soft to the touch. Only thing to keep in mind is that after a few weeks of use, the top of the bag will “slouch” or “look dented.”

Caviar Leather

Closely behind calfskin, caviar is a fan favorite. Known for its geometric diamond quilt design, it has a puffy, and bumpy-like three-dimensional type of leather. Made from pebbled calfskin, the visible grains make it heavier and tougher than lambskin, and has become a popular choice among people who carry their Chanel bag more often. Keep in mind that caviar leather, like patent leather, is prone to color transfer, so be careful of not placing it against dark fabrics!

Lambskin Leather

Being the most popular and sophisticated type of leather that Chanel makes, lambskin leather is infamous for being on the Chanel flap bags. Since it’s tanned with the wool remaining on the skin, the Chanel lambskin leather is silky smooth, with an added layer of protection, helping it age gracefully with time.