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The Hermès Kelly: Retourne vs. Sellier

Hermes Kelly is the second most sought-after bag offered in two styles; the Retourne and Sellier.

The Sellier style is the original bag style designed and released by Hermes in the 1930s and was carried by the beautiful Grace Kelly in the 1950s. The Kelly Sellier has a unique stitching on the outside, giving the bag its sharp and neat edges. H

ermes Kelly Sellier is often crafted with rigid leather such as Epsom and Box leather. This gives it a more formal and dressier look, which is perfect to carry as a work or evening bag based on the size.

The Retourne style was designed and released later as an updated style. Hermes Kelly Retourne has the stitching to the inside of the bag and piping on the edges similar to the Hermes Birkin and are often crafted with softer leather such as, Togo, Clemence, or Chevre. This gives the bag a more relaxed look which is perfect as an everyday bag and makes it very comfortable to be carried all day!

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