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MOON started back in 2008 as an individual who loved fashion and shopping and has currently rebranded as MOON Luxury Finds. Our team has grown so much and is rapidly continuing to expand around the USA, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and Japan. While the company is located in the USA, our team travels the world for you to get the most luxurious, rare, and trendy goods.


With our exceptional effort and ability to access high-demand authentic luxury items, we have gained our customers complete trust and business. MOON prides itself to serve hundreds

hundreds of thousands of customers based on direct recommendations and good word of mouth.

While we follow a specific measure to provide the best service to our customers, we like to seek a friendly approach to ensure that our customers are comfortable and enjoying our services.

Your next must-have item will be at your fingertips once you contact us. We guarantee that we will do our absolute best to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with our service and the products.

Our Mission

We thrive to make our customers’ luxury fashion dreams come true.


Our experience and relationships with high-end brands give us access to limited edition items and heavily wait-listed luxury goods, one of the many advantages when shopping with us.


Skip stores wish lists and years of waiting. Let us travel the world for you!

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A world of luxury at your fingertips.


Our vision at MOON Luxury Finds is to enable our customers to get top-notch fine luxury goods and rare items delivered fast to their homes.

Authentic. Fast. Reliable.

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