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Hermès Leather Guide

Togo leather: Togo is one of the most popular Hermes Leathers. It’s a scratch resistant leather with a soft pebbled finish. It can be refurbished to a new condition!

Clemence leather: A soft, textured, scratch resistant leather with a matte look. The grain is bigger and flatter than other Hermes leather.

Epsom leather: Hermes Epsom leather is very durable and easy to clean. It’s a compressed and rigid leather which holds its shape, but also lightweight, fine-grained and scratch resistant.

Swift leather: Swift is a soft leather with fine grain, usually used in lighter, brighter Kelly colors.

Chevre Mysore: A lightweight and scratch resistant goat hide leather. It has refined visible grain.

Box Calf: The Box Calf is the oldest type of leather mostly used in vintage Kelly bags. Box Calf is Hard, but also extremely smooth leather with a glossy finish.

Ostrich: Ostrich skin comes from South Africa. It has a unique dotted porous look. Ostrich leather is relatively rare making it desirable and thus expansive. While it is an exotic skin, it is very durable, and it maintains the shape for a lifetime.

Crocodile Niloticus: This skin is harvested from the Africa’s Nile River in Zimbabwe. It has a very large-scale pattern comes in a matte or shiny finish. Niloticus is marked with a double dot “..” next to the HERMES stamp.

Crocodile Porosus Skin: This is a super exotic skin that is harvested from saltwater in Indo-Pacific Australia. It has tiny pores on each scale. Porosus is marked with a caret “^” next to the HERMES stamp.

Alligator Mississippiensis: This skin is harvested from the Mississippi River region, USA. The scales are large, square, with rougher ridges. The leather is thick which makes the bag more durable against scuffing and scratching. It's marked with a square next to the HERMES stamp. Smaller bags and clutches like Mini Kelly II are usually made of this type of crocodile skin.

Lizard: This is extremely rare and exotic skin. It has fine small round scales and usually used for smaller handbags and accessories. Lizards absorb dye very well, therefore its often made in bright and intense shades. The skin in marked with a dash “- “, or an equal sign “=” next to the HERMES stamp.

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